Tuesday, July 21, 2009

War Room Update

I am suffering from the recent financial shit storm as much as anyone, as a result I didn't think I would be able to pull off the room as I envisioned it. I was going to build a bar, do dark hardwood floors, hideaway flat screen, a real officers club feel. Reality hit home fast and the mortgage payment became the focus very fast. I was so put off that I almost put it all on hold. Then LordAshram over at the House of War pointed out..."Sean you have a ton of great stuff, just start putting it up and I'm telling you it will look great." I think I have had my collections in storage for so long that I forgot how much I had.

Well I've added more items to my war room. A new standing gun rack reclaimed from storage, a family heirloom barrister's bookcase (15mm WWII, 25mm WWII, feudal armies) and my CS flags, all Ben Tart made, ANV battle flag with 12th Alabama markings, a Bonnie Blue (also Alabama), a 1st National, and my yellow hospital flag. I will be putting my silk 88th NY colors on either side of the fireplace soon. Then the 10 by 5 a few more odds and ends and I am ready to play! Thanks Ash for the needed kick in the ass!

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