Tuesday, November 25, 2008

28mm ACW CS Infantry

Here are three new companies added to my CS forces. These are mounted 2 to a stand as skirmishers. Flags to come...
Here is the 1st company
2nd Co.
3rd Co.
Another bad photo but I tried to get one of the facial detail.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


No photos today but some big news. My ACW 28mm armies were 'completed' almost a year ago. So...what does that mean you ask? Its time to double the size! As much as I love painting and have a knack to bang out whole units in an evening I just cant seem to paint fast enough to build the large forces I want in a short time.

So, I had a conversation with a vendor at Fall-in who just happened to get in a huge lot of painted Sash & Saber minis. I have ordered a large group of them, and they are on their way!

30 units of 20 (15 US/ 15 CS, 600 minis) and 18 guns (90 minis).

When completed my armies will have 1,600 infantry/ 84 mounted cav and 84 dismounted with horses/ 34 guns with 136 crew/ 34 limbers/ 8 various wagons (supply, caissons, ambulances)

This will give me 2,222 painted (wagons, guns, and riderless horses included) ACW minis...now I'm getting close to all Ill ever need!

Monday, November 17, 2008

28mm ACW Horse Holders

I'm sort of back on the painting horse after the 15mm reclamation project (more posts on that to come). This weekend I completed a group of Sash & Saber CS horse holders. I HATE painting horses so these bad boys have been sitting in a bag in a closet with the 2 other groups since I bought them at ColdWars. Now just 1 Federal group and 1 more CS group to go! For now some more of my usual awful pics. I have been saying it for years but I think this will be the Christmas season I upgrade from my 2001 Elf Snapshot.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

28mm Tavern

Here is a piece I just aquired at Fall-in. It's a very nice H.G. Walls model, best for my 28mm AWI but it will also see some ACW use. Here are 2 shots with some of my AWI 28s.

An officer from Butlers Rangers talking to a lieutenant from he 4th NJ Volunteers loyalist in ront of the tavern.

The same building out back...outkitchen with militia officer pointing the way to deserters hiding with-in!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Reclaimed 15mm ACW

I'm back after a looooong hiatus. So my friend and I just did a 15mm acw game at Fall-in. We didn't have enough minis so we dipped back into the old collections.

The full report can be found at Lord Ashram's House of War.

This made me look at some of my own units and decide to remount them for future battles. They work OK as is, but once cleaned up with new stands, dip, and static grass they fit right in. Take a look, here are the first 2 units. ill get some 'before' pics up as well.