Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Guns Are Up, One Step Closer!

The peg boards I needed arrived so I modified, sanded, finished and sealed them right away. This morning I was able to mount them on the studs and hang up part of the old gun collection. I think they look great!

I just need the barrister's bookcase for my WWII and feudal armies, a wall case for my pistols, the 10 by 5 table and I'm just about where I want it. My 15mm Nappys and ACW will have to wait until one more cabinet is in the budget before deploying from the cigar boxes.

The 10 by 5 has been sitting dormant in my parents basement since I left years ago, it will be good to have it home. I cant wait to start making that first table layout. I have so much terrain that has been in boxes due to the apartment life constraints of the past. This will be the first time I get to use it all on one table.

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