Friday, February 2, 2007

Some more 15mm WWII Flames of War

I have received a bunch of emails about my FoW stuff so here are some more shots for ya'll to take a look at. The Germans were painted up by a friend of mine. I have a US armored infantry company to get through before I move on to a force of opposition.

Below is a shot of the cafe I made. I used paper building from Paper Terrain. I found that if you cut the buildings out neatly you are left with great templates to make your own and that's exactly what I have done. The buildings are nice but I like lots of detail on my tables so I had to add my own touches...

Here we have a shot of the pontoon bridge at the rear of the town. This was a piece actually made for 20mm figures but with some gentle persuasion and sanding it fits right in!

Another shot the cafe and the "bookstore"

Here is a shot of a pre-made building from Miniature Building Authority. Great stuff and the insides are left plain so you get to do all the fun modeling. I added floors rubble, furniture, and wall paper...

The barn blown to hell. Here I added the horse stalls and rubble...

AIR SUPPORT!!!! Modified die cast P-47s

Here is a Peter Pig vehicle that I modified with green stuff. Made it more of a square back coupe

An overall shot of the town. I tried to come up with a realistic combination of buildings. I like varying heights on my rooftops, different roof tile colors, etc...

This is my favorite building. I have made more intricate ones but there's just something about this one I love. Not to mention the shot came out pretty darn good if i do say so myself.

One last shot of the town from the backside. Thanks for taking a look, hope you enjoyed!

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