Tuesday, February 20, 2007

15mm WWII FoW

Here are some shots of a fairly new foam/plasticard building with a few of my US Rifle Company miniatures out front.

You can't see terribly well, but I added glass to the jeep window frame then painted it to look as if the wipers had cleared it (top right). I had seen someone on the FoW forums do this and loved the look.

The shot in the bottom left shows how I modified the Peter Pig vehicle to make larger style coupe with a second spare tire in the fender.

Last is a shot of my 3 Peter Pig vehicle mods. First is the basic car, next the limo conversion and last the rusted out wreck complete with fresh bullet holes (silver spots). There are a lot of small details on the wreck that cant be seen here. I'll get better close ups of these soon.

I plan to pick up work again on my 25mm ACW federal cav soon, and will post some shots of them as soon as I finish.

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