Tuesday, January 30, 2007

25mm ACW US Sharpshooters

I picked up a set of US Sharpshooters from Redoubt Miniatures. The figures are nice but required a bit of trimming and flash clean up to make look right. Overall I find Redoubts offering quite nice, but some of the features can be a bit over sized (large hands , legs, etc). They come with separate heads which is nice for painting as well as creating figures with a different look. They are true 28mm minis so they don't work well with my Sash and Saber armies. Most of my federal forces are Old Glory so these blend in quite well

Again The images are not the best, and to repeat my all to familiar mantra...I am getting a better camera!

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Giles said...

Excellent stuff Sean! I particularly like the way you have done the Redoubt tree trunks - very handy little things for skirmish bases. Looking forward to following your blog.

Best wishes