Friday, December 15, 2006

More of the 25mm ACW collection

Here are some more shot of the 25mm ACW collection. I wil lbe adding photos of my other collections as the weeks go by. Im starting with these as the Civil War has been my current interest. The shots arent the best (I'm in need of a new camera) . Below is a shot of one of my Confederate cavalry units with its dismounted counter-part. For displays I use these as 2 seperate groups but it games they would be used to represent one unit...

Here is a shot of the 24th Michigan, part of the famed Iron Brigade. The figure are Old Glory, I normally dont use these but I think they look good and the price was right!

Here is a quick movie of the Confederare army, its not the best but hey Im new at this blog thing and Iwanted and excuse to use a video! Check it out.

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