Friday, January 1, 2010

28mm Redoubts

Happy New Year! I wanted to get some pics up of the redoubt pieces I have been working on. I got them from Acheson Creations at Fall-in in G-burg this past November.

They look very good with some simple modification. I found the texture to was a bit lacking in detail so I added sand, a quick dry brush and some static grass and the look is fantastic. Overall the product is great and the price is even better.

I made 2 angle pieces out of the 50 cent log wall sections he sells. These are very useful for making custom sections.

An example of a larger redoubt

One sepia shot to hide the flash wash out :)

One thing that was missing from the product line were end caps, a good way to to end the line you set up. I made my own using spent gift cards for the base and match-up edge, green stuff, and a row of the 50 cent gabions. This worked very well.

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