Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Wargames Room

Well, I am back from the dead. I have moved to a new home and now that the boring work is done one of the main things I am focusing on is a new war room.

I am just beginning the project and have assembled 2 new cabinets, these house my 28mm ACW collection. I need to add cabinets for my various other collections as well.

At the end of the project I will have my 10 by 5 table surrounded by minis, antique muskets and mannequins with my original uniforms. I have a collection of military prints antiques and minis that Ihave waited years to display properly so I am very excited to get this done. I will go back to maintaining radio silence after this preview for a few more weeks. Once I am set up I will resume painting and posting, sorry for the long absence!

First up, 2 shots of the cabinets, left one is Federal right one is Confederate. There will be a fireplace in the middle with parlour chairs soon!

The Confederate case...

Here are some shots of my Federal army, first up, the Cavalry, Old Glory, Sash & Saber, Mark Fenlon...

The Federal Artillery, Sash & Saber, Old Glory

Federal Infantry, Foundry, Sash & Saber, Old Glory. Each unit only has one flag for now, I am going back and redoing these. I used to distinguish elite units by giving them regimental colors. Each unit will have a state and a national soon.

Federal command, hospital, engineers, and one unit, 146th NY Mark Fenlon

More Federal infantry, I have 31 units of 20 men each in total, these are mostly Old Glory...

Last of my main infantry battalions, Old Glory, Fenlon, Redoubt, Sash & Saber, Foundry

One shot to hold you over of my Confederates...

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