Tuesday, November 18, 2008


No photos today but some big news. My ACW 28mm armies were 'completed' almost a year ago. So...what does that mean you ask? Its time to double the size! As much as I love painting and have a knack to bang out whole units in an evening I just cant seem to paint fast enough to build the large forces I want in a short time.

So, I had a conversation with a vendor at Fall-in who just happened to get in a huge lot of painted Sash & Saber minis. I have ordered a large group of them, and they are on their way!

30 units of 20 (15 US/ 15 CS, 600 minis) and 18 guns (90 minis).

When completed my armies will have 1,600 infantry/ 84 mounted cav and 84 dismounted with horses/ 34 guns with 136 crew/ 34 limbers/ 8 various wagons (supply, caissons, ambulances)

This will give me 2,222 painted (wagons, guns, and riderless horses included) ACW minis...now I'm getting close to all Ill ever need!

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