Tuesday, September 9, 2008

28mm WWII Collection

Sorry for being MIA once again. In truth I have not been painting much, the motivation has just not been upon me lately. I have some ACW items I will be getting back into soon but for now here are some shots of my 25mm WWII collection.

Here is an overall shot of the collection, which sits over my fireplace. The Germans are the three companies and 2 anti-tank pieces to the right of the pic. I also have armored compliments for both.
I painted these a few years ago so they are not up to my standard but they still look pretty damn good. I may go back and do some more work on the faces and bases. I made custom movement trays for each platoon. Here it 3rd platoon 'Fox' company.
Below is a shot of my Brit Paratroopers. These are Foundry and have always been some of my favorite minis.

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