Wednesday, July 2, 2008

145th Gettysburg QUALITY vs. Quantity

Hello everyone!

I apologize for falling into the black hole that is the real world. I haven't been painting as much as I would like but have been getting SOME odds and ends done. I am completing some limbers and horse holders and will post pics shortly.

FOR NOW...I just took part in the At High Tide 145th Gettyburg event. It was a great alternative to the mega turbo FARB fests that Gettysburg and the Lomas Machine usually create. The impressions were top shelf as was drill and the scenarios. What really gets me is that the mainstream events are FOR PROFIT!!! The men at the top earn money off of the backs of the reenactors! To add to the many reasons these more authentic events are better, all of the money goes to land preservation, and not to open a 3rd distribution center for the Regimental Quartermaster.

I was the right wing commander of the Chesapeake Volunteer Guard and had more then my share of period moments. Not the least of which was leading my battalion, after the good colonel went down, toward Mcphersons Ridge only to get ripped to shreds by the 1st Minnesota as they crested the ridge. Just as it happened and just when it was supposed to happen. Those of you that go to have funnel cakes and watch the circus this weekend will notice the difference in impressions. Here are a few teaser pics.

CVG Battalion at dress parade

CVG Staff behind the firing line

Company C (the finest company in the CVG) in camp

The battalion prepares to move out

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