Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Additional Battalion Commanders

I am out pf 25mm ACW minis! I have gotten down to the random bits and spare officers. I made 2 more Federal officers stands and 2 CS outof the left overs. As always I must apologize for the poor image quality. Sadly I have yet to upgrade my camera! Below is General Asboth of the Western Theater. Below that, another 'yet to be named' officer.

I am heading off to Cold Wars this Friday so I expect to have plenty more to paint soon enough.

The 2 CS command stands were made from left over figures and 2 single mounted officers I had lying around.

The one below is a mix of old Glory and Redoubt. Next up is the commander of my 4th CS Battalion. This officer is an old style Old Glory figure. Judging by the casualties he's obviously in the thick of the fight!

Lastly, my friend and fellow gamer launched a blog recently showcasing his collections and newly constructed wargame room! Take a look as Lord Ashram's House of War. Featuring 25mm Nappies, 15mm ACW, and much more to come...

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