Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I May Be Selling My 28mm AWI Collection

My War Room is growing short on space and I am working on a new 40mm AWI project. These two factors have me thinking about selling the collection below. 

I did these about 11 years ago, they are painted to varying degrees. Some are basic war game standard and other have more detail. There are 564 foot, 8 officers, 6 mounted officers, 26 cavalry, 6 guns with 24 crew, 6 limbers and 2 supply wagons. They are a mix of Wargames Foundry, Front Rank, Perry, and Old Glory miniatures.

In order to keep things simple I am pricing it at 4 dollars per model no matter foot, mounted, or equipment. This comes to an asking price of $2,568 which I'll call $2,500 even, plus shipping handling and insurance.

Solid paint jobs, 10 Indian Scouts (Perry) with more attention to detail, 10 American Light Infantry (Converted Old Glory) at a solid war game standard, 3 Mounted Officers (Front Rank), 1 Surgeon (custom figure) and 1 Captain of Militia (custom figure) all with more attention to detail.
1 unit of 20 Maryland Line (Old Glory), very basic paint job, least detail in the collection and 1 unit of 20 New York Continentals (Old Glory), painted to a solid war game standard.
1 unit of New Jersey Line (Foundry & Old Glory), 1 unit of 20 North Carolina Line (Foundry), both painted to a good war game standard.
1 unit of 16 Milita (Foundry) good war game standard, 1 unit of 20 Continental Marines (Front Rank) with a higher level of detail.
1 unit of 20 Militia (Foundry),  1 unit of 24 Virginia Continentals (Old Glory) solid war game standard, very clean
1 unit of 20 Pennsylvania Line (Front Rank) higher level of detail, 1 unit of 16 Riflemen (Old Glory) painted to a good war game standard
2 units of 16 French line and 2 officers painted to a higher standard (all Front Rank).
1 unit of 16 French Grenadiers (Front Rank), 1 unit of 20 Militia (Foundry) both painted with more detail
Mounted Riflemen (Perry) painted with more detail and American Dragoons (Foundry) painted to a good war game standard
3 guns with 12 crew and 3 limbers, 2 painted to a solid war game standard 1 (maroon) with more detail (Front Rank & Foundry)

10 Indian Scouts (Perry) 10 Butlers Rangers (Front Rank), 3 Mounted Officers (Front Rank), 1 Surgeon (Foundry) and 1 Reverend (Foundry)
1 units of 20 Regulars and 1 unit of 24 Regulars, both painted to a higher standard (Old Glory)
1 unit of 24 Regulars (Foundry) and 1 unit of 16 Grenadiers (Old Glory) both painted to a solid war game standard
1 unit of 20 Light Infantry (Old Glory) and 1 unit of 16 Loyalists (4th NJ Vols) (Front Rank)
1 unit of 20 Welsh Fusiliers (Old Glory) and 1 unit of 20 Regulars (Old Glory) both painted to a solid war game standard
1 unit of 16 Light Infantry, (Foundry) solid war game standard and 1 unit of 24 Highlanders (Perry) painted to a higher standard with more attention to detail, this one is my favorite
1 unit of old school Hinchcliffe Hessian Grenadiers pained with more attention to detail and 1 unit Hessian Jagers (Old Glory) painted to a good war game standard
1 unit of 24 Regulars (Foundry) 1 unit of 16 Hessian Light Infantry (Foundry), both painted to a solid war game sandard
4 Queens Rangers Cavalry (Perry) painted to a higher standard and 10 British Dragoons (Old Glory) painted to a good war game standard
3 guns with 12 crew and 3 limbers all painted with more detail (2 guns and crew Front Rank, 1 Foundry)
So that is the collection, all single based and ready to go. This is a great way to hit the ground running and not have to spend so much time at the painting table. Its important to me that they all go to one good home, I am not parting this out. If interested or you have any questions drop me a note, stevenson26 at gmail dot com.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The city is coming together. I added some big blank faceless city type buildings. The foam core ones from Game Craft Minis were the perfect fit. I still have tons of work to do but its feeling more city like...

Update, I added the unfinished game craft buildings to see how filled out it looks. I am pleased, now tons of work ahead.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Project!

Well, after another one of my famous off the grid absences...I'm back. I've started work on a new project. Something I never thought I would be interested in. A 15mm Zombie apocalypse. The 15mm wild west table is down and the blank slate awaits...

Maybe its too much Walking Dead, maybe I've painted too many historicals, I don't know. I do know that at this past Fall-in I saw a 15mm Rebel Minis set of figures and all the trimmings for a game in the toys for tots auction. It looked awesome, so awesome I chased the set up to 1,100 at that point I made a sanity check and thankfully my rival was clearly more committed than I.

Well since losing the item I've been obsessed with making one on my 10x5. I have tracked down all the parts need to make the buildings and have painted tons of Rebel Minis, I sill have a few hundred zombies to paint...

Here is a test stand of 15mm living dead. I am fairly pleased. I am doing 60 single mounted and mix of stands with various numbers of zombies.

Here are some of the buildings stacked up and ready to go, the ones on the bottom right need painting and customizing.

A shot of the police, swat, riot police, bikers and chemical response team...

The US Army...

I have to work on civilians, rioting civilians, and armed civilians. I'll post more pics once I begin laying the city out.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Who makes the buildings in this photo?

They look familiar, appear to be modular and pre-painted. Does anyone know who makes them???

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Few More 15mm Wild West Photos

I don't have much time for text but here are some updated pics of the 15mm Wild West table. I still need to add "fort Apache" at the base of the mountain but most of the table is set up.

Below is a shot of the prairie leading into marsh at the foothills of the mountains...

A shot of the town, yet to be named, or "The Town With No Name," for now...

A shot of the road leading out of the mountain pass. The stagecoach is Minifig...

One of the mining camps in the mountains...

A glimpse of the teepee's, I still have to paint the minis for this section. Note the mountain lion in his den (rocks in the lower left)...

A shot over the mountains looking back towards the ranch...

Another big picture shot...

The ranch, inspired by McFarlan's Ranch in Red Dead Redemption...

The horse coral behind the livery in town. Note the tent city in the lower left.

The town is loaded with civilians and small details. I have to complete the building interiors but Ill start getting some more details pics up soon!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New 15mm Wild West Table

I have been gone for some time but I've been working on a few things. The main miniature project has been 15mm wild west. I've set up a table that is a mash up of plains, high plains, open range, and mountains. After playing so much Red Dead Redemption I was motivated to create the following:

This table represents the bones, I have a fort/ trading post to add and a ton of other finishing details.

From the mountains looking back to town

I have a herd of buffalo I'll put in the plains...

The fort will go at the intersection of the left turn before town on the shot below...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

28mm ACW 2ND MISSISSIPPI Foundry minis

I finished my 2nd Mississippi Foundry minis a while back. They came out great but these pics are pretty bad. I'll get some better shots soon. I painted them mostly in blue battle shirts trimmed in red with a few red fireman's shirts here and there. Each man has a white Mississippi star most on the hat but a few on collars and sleeves. These were a lot of fun to do and makes for a really cool early war unit.